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A NEW Approach to New Age Shopping


Eclectic Artisans is focused on providing High-Quality, Hand-crafted Pagan Products as well as practical every day Wiccan Supplies. Our goal is to provide you with a vast selection of the best products to fit your needs! Weather it be for your personal altar, a custom piece of jewelry, a custom sign, a hand-fasting or birthday gift, or maybe some new decor for your home, we have you covered!


There is a need and a void we have come across in the metaphysical, wiccan, new age, and pagan online retail realm. That is why Eclectic Artisans has taken the initiative to ensure that we fill that void in a way no one else currently does. The difference between us and the competition is in our name..."ECLECTIC". Our goal is to become your one stop new age/metaphysical shop. We want to carry the most requested and popular products, but we also will be offering UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND, HANDMADE PRODUCTS AS WELL! Our Mission, is to become a valuable resource for the pagan & metaphysical community to BUY AND SELL Handmade, Handcrafted Goods! Not only is that our mission, but it is our Goal to become one of the ONLY online pagan retail shops that offers a place for people of the new age, metaphysical, magical, pagan, and wiccan community, to sell their creations. On top of that, we also plan on becoming the ONLY online metaphysical retailer who's inventory is made up of 85% of handmade, handcrafted, artisanal items! We are slowly but surely getting closer to achieving our goal by each member of the Eclectic Artisans Team searching vigorously, high, and low, for artists and artisans that are in line with our goal!


We have special relationships with each of our artisans, artists and vendors, other than our "practical wholesale items", you will NOT FIND ANY of our exclusive artisan's or artist's handmade/hand crafted products on any other new age, pagan or metaphysical site, or in any stores! It is our goal & mission to provide you with the most Eclectic Mix of these specialty items. We are taking a new approach to new age shopping! These vendor's pour there heart's and soul's into the products that we showcase here. They want to provide you an alternative to the mass produced item! So be sure to check out our "handmade & custom products" section, and help support local pagan artists & artisans. We will be adding new vendors as often as possible! Be sure to check the handmade & custom products section often.



Our customers are our inspiration, and we strive to satisfy each and every one of you. We also strive to carry items that our customers want and enjoy! We are taking a FRESH and NEW approach to the "online metaphysical store." As you will see, we will eventually mold our site into what YOU the customer wants!  Our Goal is to have 85% of our products to be handmade, handcrafted, artisanal items, that are simply unique!


Most online "Metaphysical Stores" sell the same wholesale items day in and day out. Many of them use the same companies to get their products from. Yes, some of these items are extremely popular, AND we happen to sell a lot of these items as well...BUT we aren't stopping there... Our goal is to CHANGE the expectation of the pagan community. You no longer have to search high and low, or settle for less, because Eclectic Artisans is going to make it simple for you to find those hidden gems and treasures, ALL IN ONE PLACE! We want to be able to offer BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE handmade, handcrafted items that PEOPLE make (not machines). These people not only create beautiful things to share with the world, but take the that extra step to make sure it is of the best quality you can get, at an affordable price. Many of us have lost touch with these special products and items thanks to mass producing wholesellers and warehouse stores that basically put many talented artisans out of business. Well, that is no more, because Eclectic Artisans is the NEW place for those little guys to come to and share their creations with you! Each of our artists, artisans, hand crafters, and creators are hand chosen and picked BY the Eclectic Artisans Team. We do accept submissions people place with us to sell their items on our site. Artists are chosen, ONLY if they meet our standards of quality and are aligned with our mission! This way you know for sure, that each and every item our artists sell on Eclectic Artisans is of the highest quality, and are items we know our customers will enjoy!


Our company is based on customer satisfaction. We are committed to utilizing the highest quality products to create our items. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the highest quality hand-crafted products and designs to you as our customer

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