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A fantastic array of beautifully designed Women's Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Hippe & Boho styles tops, sweaters and tees. Made in Montana, right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. This collection of women's clothing consists of a gypsyish/bohemian style with a new age touch. What sets this clothing apart and makes this hippie, new age & boho styled clothing unique is the fact that each piece is made with the following...
  • Organic Cotton Clothing  100% ORGANIC COTTON- This means the cotton is grown without chemicals, growth substances, antibiotics or pesticides. Conventional cotton is laden with pesticides, several of which are known to cause cancer. Organic cotton is produced in a certified chemical-free environment, using clean, organic farming methods the good ol' fashioned way. Organic is healthier for both you and the environment, keeping not only our cotton toxin free, but our soil and water, too.
  • low impact dye clothing  LOW IMPACT DYES- This means that the dyes are toxic-free dyes that waste less water when being made & used. These dyes have a higher-than-average rate of absorption, requiring less dye and less water during the dyeing process. In fact, low-impact dyes are usually fixed to fabrics using recycled rinse water and set at lower temperatures, which uses less heat and energy. In the end, less dye and zero toxins run off into the water, which cuts back on water contamination
  • recycled fabrics  RECYCLED FABRIC & MATERIALS- Some of the clothing in this section may also be made with other recycled materials such as recycled plastics. YES recycled plastics! Recycling plastic soda bottles into polyester fibers and transforming them into brand new eco-friendly T-shirts is a way to help reduce waste and help the environment at the same time. *Items with recycled material will have the information in the description.
  •  clothing made in the USAMade In The USA- All Items in this section are made in the USA. That means fair labor and healthy work environments where used to create each piece located within this collection of products. You are helping to support a US "Green" business when purchasing the clothing in this collection as well. 

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