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Pagan Wiccan JewelryWolves Den Witchery is a collection of handmade Pagan & Wiccan jewelry, Anointing Oils, Bath Salts & More! A great selection of unique handmade wiccan & pagan supplies that will surly make you smile.

I make all of my products by hand, and I am always expanding my inventory and quality of my work. I ship quickly and make custom orders or nearly anything you would like that I offer. My bottles are each specially made, with no 2 ever identical.

My necklaces are all hand made by me and everything that goes into them is specifically picked and places to bring out the beauty of each bottle. Just as no two people are alike neither are my bottles and they are made unique so that when they are chosen they fit their owners perfectly to aid them however need be.

My Bath salts are all hand mixed with coarse sea salt, dried herbs and flowers. For now I only sell in smaller quantities but soon I hope to sell in much larger containers that will last much longer.

The Anointing oils are all a special blend made form steeped grape seed oils with a special blend of herbs, resins and spices that is a bit of a secret of mine. From there they are infused with stones, resins, and herbs/flowers for each special mix. These as well will soon be available in larger quantities.

My earrings are each hand made, each stone picked to specifically go with each other and bring out the best in one another and capture not only attention but bring good vibes your way. I work to create as many different styles as I can so suit the taste of many different people. Check Out My Bio and learn more about me here.

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