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Moon Goddess Bamboo Wind Chime - Hand Crafted


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Beautiful wooden crescent moons and goddesses designed with white swirls hang from this natural bamboo chime. Strung on top of the base is a large eye catching crescent moon. The chime has a natural meditative tone. Our Bamboo wind chimes will add magic to your home and garden. Wind chimes always make a great hand fasting gift or house warming gift. Their are a total of 6 Goddesses and 6 crescents that hand form the top as well as two pendulums to catch the wind. The very top has a 7 inch crescent moon. Each wind chime as been hand crafted, hand painted and hand stained. An Eclectic Artisans favorite!

Overall Size: 57 inches tall.
Goddesses: 5" tall.
Crescent Moons: 2.5" tall.
Size From Top Of Chime: 37 inches.

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