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Problem Solver Ritual Mist - For Blockbuster


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Problem Solver Ritual Mist by the Barefoot Witchery was specially made for blockbuster workings (or when things are really messed up). You may not be cursed or hexed, but things are getting way too chaotic. Let Problem Solver clear up that mess and straighten things out, in effort to return balance back to your life when life isn't being so sweet to you. Spritz that problem and nip it in the bud!

If using this on yourself, please be sure to test a small area for any allergies first. Useful for smudging your home, work area, or even your broom. The possibilities are up to your needs and your creativity. Problem Solver is strong enough set things right.

Crafted in part with rosemary, calamus, ginger, and thieves essential oils, and more. 

Each fragrance is blended with components whose metaphysical properties correspond with the goal, intent, and purpose of this mist. Every ingredient in our ritual mists serves a purpose, with the finest essential oils, distilled water and/or other sacred waters. Your ritual mist will arrive to you after being prayed over, blessed and charged by the Barefoot Witchery ready for your use in your spiritual work.

Please allow up to 10 days for this item to be made to order if not readily available.
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