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The Hoodoo Roots Box, from the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe's Organic Herbal Apothecary, comes with 15 roots, seeds and beans in each set.

Each comes in a resealable 2" x 3" bag (unless size is otherwise noted below). Each kit also comes packaged in a 4"x6" Kraft paper box.

This set would be a great starter kit for someone who is just learning Hoodoo, or a seasoned Rootworker who just needs to have a little pinch of this or that on hand at all times. Each of the bag's labels lists the root/herb's suggested uses for implementing them into your Hoodoo at home.  Properties and magickal uses of herbs and roots can be vastly different in Hoodoo practices than they are in Wiccan or Pagan traditions. This set also comes with an information sheet for easy reference.

This Set Comes With:
Galangal Root

Angelica Root
Licorice Root
Orris Root
Black Walnut Hull
Witchgrass Root
Calamus Root
Mojo Wish Beans (9 count)
Poke Root
Valerian Root (2"x2" bag. A little goes a long way.)
Wild Yam Root
Black Mustard Seed (2"x2" bag. A lot fits in there because they're so tiny but powerful.)
One Set of Adam & Eve Roots
One Bat Head Root
One (approximately 2") piece of Devil's Shoestring Root

*In the unlikely event that a particular root is out of stock, I provide a suitable substitution not already included in this kit. I have a great supply of herbs/roots and a wide variety, so I will choose a suitable replacement for you.

Please allow up to 7-10 business days for herb kit orders to be fulfilled if not readily available.

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