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Cicada Ritual Oil - For Manifestation


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Cicada, Limited Edition Ritual Oil, used for needed change, comes in a 2 dram glass amber vial with dropper.

Beautifully fragranced with sweetgrass, copaiba, rosemary, lemon, and much more. It smells as amazing as listening to the cicadas sing on a summer evening. (The Barefoot Witchery is located in the south, so cicadas are the sound of summer, but if you have never heard the cicadas in the trees, you're missing out on a very loud treat).

Like me, you may love the fragrance of cicada so much that you use it all the time in your home even when things are going right. Some say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but I say why not keep the flow of blessings going?

Cicada is a ritual oil that can be used in your home, office, to anoint candles or your your altar space, or a particular object you are working with in your spiritual practices, or even yourself. I created Cicada to help facilitate the needed changes, when it seems like nothing will budge, nothing's moving, and you feel like something's gotta give.

Change your circumstances, your atmosphere in your home or work space, Release stagnant energies and negative patterns and all things that no longer serve you, so that you can progress and get things rolling your way. Reverse the inertia that has you stuck, and banish all the blockages that are keeping you from your goals.

This is similar to a banishing formula, but with added elements that are key ingredients in blockbuster and positive energy formulas.

You can change your circumstances by changing the energy in your environment and within yourself, spiritually, to bring about that much needed change in your life.
We call this unique formula Cicada because of the changes cicadas go through when they are tired of living in the dark, underground, and emerge ready for growth.
Cicadas (locusts) live approximately 17-20 years, however 2-17 years of their life is spent underground, where they tunnel and feed. When they emerge, they will climb up to a tree and begin the process of shedding their exoskeleton they are outgrowing. Free of their old skin, their wings will inflate with fluid and their adult skin will harden. Once their new wings and body are ready, they can begin their brief adult life, which is spent mating and continuing the life cycle.
Please allow up to 10 days for this item to be made to order if not readily available.
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