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Voodoo Dolls Poppets for saleUnique and magical Voodoo Dolls & Poppets available here at Eclectic Artisans. Voodoo dolls and poppets have long been used as a powerful form of both positive and negative sympathetic magick. To some, when they hear the word voodoo doll, they automatically assume a negative use. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. Voodoo dolls and poppets serve symbolically as the person, place or thing that you are trying to inflict your will upon. Weather your will be to help promote healing, happiness and love or cursing, blasting or hexing, that is totally up to the magical practitioner. Most voodoo dolls are sold "as an empty canvas" and others come made with specific purpose or use. We sell many types here at Eclectic Artisans. It is up to you of who you want your doll to represent and what you plan on doing with it. Depending on your intent, you may want to use a particular color doll and fill with with different corresponding herbs or items that are inline with the will of your proposed outcome. Either which way, poppet magick and hoodoo are old forms of traditional practice. Be very specific of your intended result and use caution and common sense when working magick.

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