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the prismatic peacockThe Prismatic Peacock offers hand crafted soy candles and melting tarts, handmade natural soaps, aroma bead sachets, air fresheners, and more. Custom orders are always welcome. All of my candles and melting tarts are hand crafted in small batches using all natural Golden Brands soy wax. This wax is vegetable based, made from renewable resources, and is produced by American farmers. I also use all cotton, lead-free wicks and phthalate free concentrated fragrance oils. Soy candles burn cleaner at a lower temperature, melt completely, and are consumable. This means that you get to use the entire candle and that the containers are reusable since the remnants of wax are so easily removed with soap and warm water after the life of your candle.

All of my handmade soaps are made from natural bases and are hand poured in beautiful molds. They come with a cedar wood soap deck to prolong their life. They provide a luxurious lather and are very mild and moisturizing for your skin. They rinse clean without leaving any residue and are long-lasting.

The aroma bead sachets last approximately six months and are fabulous for freshening closets, drawers, gym bags, bathrooms, and more. Since all of my products are made by hand in small batches, I am able to offer custom orders as well. I never offer an item for sale that I would not use myself or be proud to gift to my own friends and family.

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