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Woodland Vines Hand Carved Salvaged Wood Necklace on Hemp with Stones


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This pendant was made with a piece of salvaged wood from the fallen limb of a tree, that was gathered during a walk after a windstorm. This beautiful piece of wood was carved freehand. The entire pendant has been oiled with a natural beeswax wood conditioner.

The pendant is 2.5" long, and hangs from a natural hemp cord it's accented with green turquoise beads, and woodland colored natural stone chips, the length of the necklace is approximately 27" in total circumference.

When a new piece of wood or stone comes to me, I allow the natural spirit of the piece come to me before I begin any work. All of the artwork is tailored specifically to the individual piece I am working with...

I have a deep respect and love for nature, so all of the wood that I use in my work has been found, salvaged, and gathered from the ground after windstorms or washed up on the beach...

All stone work featured here has been made using materials gathered responsibly, a stone here, and a pebble there... We never disturb any creatures homes, and never take more then a few from any one place...

When you purchase from my shop feel good knowing that your money isn't going to a heartless corporation, but instead to help support a small family seeking to make an honest living while living in harmony with the Earth.

Go raibh míle maith agat!

To learn more about my work read my blog here, http://themysticwood.blogspot.com
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