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Sullivan's Mystic Wood

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We create a magical array of handcrafted gifts from salvaged wood, stones, fibers, and more...

We are artistic people who can't seem to stay still, with a love and driving passion to create and a shared passion for history, fantasy, folklore, mythology and all things fantastic and magical. 
We have a deep connection to the old ways, ancient cultures and all that grows and creeps upon our great green Earth...

Our creations are mainly focused on ancient Indo-European cultural images and beliefs...but we also enjoy learning from the art and beliefs of many other cultures. 
We create one of a kind jewelry for forest elves, and warriors, as well as hats, bags, and artwork, all for those who long in their hearts for a place among the sacred trees. We are a husband and wife team, and we work together to handcraft our magical array of unique treasures.

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