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Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Sage Wands and Cleansing sprays have been used for thousands of years to cleanse and rid yourself & your surroundings of negativity as well as neutralize your sacred space. Eclectic Artisans provides a great selection of wonderful smudge sticks, sages, and ritual cleansing products, for any spiritual or religious needs. Sage alone has been a go to method of exercising homes of ill will and negative astral build up. Depending on your needs, you may want to incorporate sage with other ritual smudging herbs, which we provide. For example, sage and lavender to cleanse and add in a positive vibrations associated with lavender, or sage and dragons blood. By providing alternate remedies along with sage, it allows the practitioner to work in their intent along with the correspondences added in with these particular smudge sticks. All of which we proudly provide to you within this section of our shop.

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