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Sakred Stones Metaphysical Jewelry
I'm a metal smith, designer and jewelry artist. Every component of my work is 100% hand forged, designed and created by yours truly...except for the stones of course. I enjoy a close relationship with our alias from the mineral kingdom and work with the metaphysical and vibrational healing qualities of the stones. My work is very organic and earthy. I work primarily in copper, silver, beach stones and semi-precious stones, with plans to add bronze and maybe some brass soon. Creativity in general, but metal working and jewelry design, specifically, have been an intimate partner on a long, healing journey for me. I feel my work is sacred and it's my way of being of service. In my collection you will find bracelets, necklaces, pendants, arm cuffs, rings...all the typical jewelry. I also do things like bookmarks, wine glass charms and baubles.
Sunny citrine, deep dense amethyst, age old amber...
Hammered copper, twisted silver, hand forged clasps and bits of bronze...
Regal lapis, native turquoise, healing quartz and beads of silver...
All in healing, all in love, come and visit, browse the goods...

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