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Pet and Familiar Blessings and Protection Collection (For Cats)


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This listing is for one Cat Blessing and Protection kit. You will receive one 2 x 3 inch resealable bag of my special blessing and protection incense tailored specifically for cats, along with one .50 ounce glass vial of oil, plus one muslin bag and one pewter pentacle charm on a ring that will slide securely onto your cat's collar.

My oil is hand blended with organic grapeseed oil, and this particular blend contains no essential oils whatsoever, only dry herbal ingredients. This is so that if you choose to anoint your pet or their bedding, there is no risk of an allergic itchy reaction to essential oils. I don't know about you, but my pets' skin can be very sensitive, and I wouldn't want them to be miserable though blessed and protected. You can also anoint their collar or pentacle charm if you wish.

I have included the muslin bag with this kit for whatever purpose you choose. You may want to put some of the herbal blend into the muslin bag, tie it up, and toss it into their bath water, or you may wish to make an herbal sachet with it to place in your pet's bedding.

You will receive your collection beautifully packaged in a gift box with tissue and ribbons.
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