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Ritual oil sets are a convenient option for many pagans who practice magick as they will contain intention oils that can be used in combination with spells, spell work and rituals. Many of the ritual oil sets you will find below are hand blended by practicing pagans who are vendors that sell within the Eclectic Artisans marketplace, giving you a great variety of potent oils to add to your own magical collection. Intention oils and ritual oils can be used in many ways. Use intention oils to anoint spell candles, ritual tools and altar supplies orĀ use intention oils to anoint yourself and others who are performing rituals together. Intention oils can also be used to add to magical sachets, mojos, gris gris, and can be added to your own herbal incense blends as well. You can also use ritual intention oils as a fragrance oil, in a ritual bath or can be burned in an oil diffuser. Like herbs, oils are a versatile magical component with many uses and are must haves for any witches' magical cupboard.

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