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Ranting Centaur Studios Pagan Wiccan SuppliesRanting Centaur Studios- Ranting Centaur Studios creates unique, lightweight paper jewelry. My thick paper earrings are ultra light-weight and feature my original artwork. Their thickness comes from layering mat board for a solid, substantial feel. They are very light on your ears and can be worn comfortably all day.

The mats I use may have a colored core and matching top layer, or a black core with a colored top layer. It all depends on what looks best on that particular pair.

At 57, I have only recently begun my path, and as a professional illustrator, I find there isn't enough Pagan/Wiccan main stream art out there. I want that to change.

My art is colorful with strong Celtic influences. I have always had a positive response to my earrings at shows. Many of my pieces can be worn without considering if it's "a good idea" because they are very organic and nature based.My earrings are on the large side but they are light enough to be worn comfortably all day. I pay attention to detail and don't rush things and if someone wants something custom made I will do that.

Matching pins are available and matching necklaces are coming soon.

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