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Project Fey offers handmade, one of a kind, tome-sized Books of Shadows, Altar Tables, Wooden Ritual Tools & Divinatory Items...hand forged with positive intent and created specifically to be used as a magickal tool for rituals or practical magick.

As a magickal practitioner herself, Fey understands the importance of knowing and understanding the correspondences associated with each of your magickal tools. So each product specifies and lists the day of the week and the lunar cycle that each product was created on. Upon completing an item, Fey will then charge each product under the full moon. Each item comes packaged and enclosed with cleansing and protection herbs to allow for your newly purchased treasures to be magickally ready for you to use and place your own magick, mana, energy, and intent on the item. “I strive to uphold the ancient traditions, treating each Book, Wand, Box, and Table as an individual, and embedding my knowledge of The Craft into each and every item I create gives me such joy,” says Fey. With 15 years as an artist, Fey uses her experience to create wooden ritual tools without most mass produced, modern technology while maintaining a focus on environmental awareness.

Project Fey is committed to being 100% green! In reverence to Mother Earth, we produce 100% Eco-friendly products with organic and/or all natural components. They never use animal or animal by-products - Sorry guys, no leather!  Every attempt is made to use FALLEN WOOD...Yes, that is right, every attempt is made to only work with fallen wood to make all the Project Fey Items. Since the wood they use is free fallen and not cut directly from the tree, each item retains its bond to the living tree from which it came, and harbors some of the tree's dryad spirit which is shared with the owner of the item. In the very rare case that a tree must be cut down, or has to use wood other than "fallen wood", Fey will personally plant two tree's in it's place at a local nature preserve on the New Moon. Project Fey also uses a "green" web hosting company and purchases carbon credits each quarter to offset any electrical usage.  

Fey's passion is sharing and creating beautiful treasures of highest quality and standards, that are sure to please! She takes her knowledge she has obtained over the years, her skill, her magick, a lot of love, and her passion to manifest these unbelievably beautiful and uniquely gorgeous items so you are able to bring these treasures into your home, your heart and your craft!

Custom items are her specialty! If you can think of it, Fey can bring it into fruition. Let Fey create you a completely awe inspiring customized book of shadows, ritual tools, or altar table! Any Book of Shadows, Grimoire, Journal or Spell Box can be COMPLETELY customized with hand-engraved lettering and basically any designs added to it. She will work with you through the entire process, from beginning to end! E-Mail your custom request to: customrequest@eartisans.net & let us know what your heart desires, and Fey will make it happen :-).

NOTE: If an item you would like to purchase from Project Fey is not readily available, please allow 3-4 weeks for Fey to make your item to be made to order. Thank you!

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