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Earth my body, water my blood, breath my air and fire my spirit-we ARE of the elements, and the Pentacle surely represents that indeed. Within this section of Eclectic Artisans, you will find a great selection of Pentacle and Pentagram necklaces to suite all of your magical & mundane needs. What better way to express your spirituality and beliefs then with the cherished and beloved symbol most have to come to adore within the Pagan & Wiccan community-the Pentacle. With a selection of different pentacles and pentagrams for all purposes and intents, our collection includes items such as, protection, prosperity, gemstone, amulets/talismans all including the symbolism of the pentacle or pentagram. This section contains pentacles and pentagrams that come WITH a necklace. We do offer pentacles and pentagram pendants that come by themselves in our charms and pendants section of Eclectic Artisans. Happy shopping!

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