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Herbs for Magical & Mundane Use (Herbs M-Z)

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Here you will find herbs for both magical & mundane use. Many Witches and Pagans use herbs within their magick and rituals, taking the lore and correspondences of each herb into consideration for working magick. Combining certain herbs with a specific intent is a common facet among modern pagans. This form of sympathetic magick can combine herbs with candle magick, making magickal incense, using herbs for castings and petitions, creating hydrosols & anointing oils and much, much more. On top of the magickal use of herbs, many pagans prefer to make and use natural herbal remedies. Whether you are a witch looking to stock up on magickal herbs or an herbalist, you will definitely find our large selection of herbs abundant and find what you are looking for.
• Most of Our Herbs Come in the Following Sizes: 1oz. Bags, 2oz. Bags & 1 lb. Bags •

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