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Bladderwrack, Cut (Fucus Vesiculosus)


1lb. Bag - $19.50
A variety of seaweed found in numerous seas and oceans, Bladderwack can also be found under a wide assortment of names, including Fucus Vesiculosus, black tang, bladder focus, cut weed, dryers focus, rock wrack, and sea oak. Originally, it was utilized most as a source of iodine, and was discovered in 1811 to be a potent aid in treating goiters and similar issues involving iodine deficiency. Later, it was also thought of as an aid for stimulating the thyroid gland so as to encourage weight loss through an increased metabolic rate. Elsewhere, Bladderwrack is come to be used in assorted culinary arts. In Japan in particular it has become well known as an additive to dishes and foods, utilized for its flavoring. Otherwise, it has also come to be viewed by some herbalists and nutritionists as a nutritional supplement, and can sometimes be found in use as such. In holistic medicine Bladderwrack is often believed to have a wide variety of uses. It is reputed to aid in easing the pain of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, and is often taken both internally and occasionally rubbed against the aching joints. Some have also used it for the treatment of heartburn or as a laxative. Others still have seen it as a potent aid in strengthening the immune system, though there is still much debate about this attribute of the herb.

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