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The Goddess plays a very large role in modern neopaganism. Representing the basis of life, the life force, the barer of life and the creator of existence its self, the Goddess is able to represent multiple meanings depending on your own interpretation and pantheon of belief. Weather you look at the Goddess as a representation of all, or the embodiment of an entity/deity, the parallels of her importance has impacted our world since the beginning of man. Some prefer to seek the Goddess as a channel of duality, while some prefer to believe in just the female facet of creation. Regardless of your belief, one thing the Pagan/Wiccan communities all have in common is a "common" creator of life, and historically speaking, the Goddess came first. With a fantastic array and selection of different goddess statuary, Eclectic Artisans has searched high and low to provide an Eclectic source of Goddess Statuary to fulfill the needs of all pantheons and aspects of belief. By having a simple collection of Goddess statuary, you can connect whichever divine prescience you work with to our Goddess statuary listed here, as many of these statuary are not specifically representing any particular deity or divine presence. Embrace your spirituality and add beauty as well as additional femininity to your altar or sacred space with one of our beautiful new Goddess statuary today.

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