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Elemental Celtic Seasons Plaque-Wood Finish


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Within the Elemental Celtic Cross Plaque, you will see the four arms of the elemental cross reach to the four seasons. The outside of the circle is encompasses by the waxing and waning of the moon. A wealth of detail shows a variety of correspondences for each season; corresponding plants, animals and weather pertaining to each season. The entire plaque is linked together with amazing details of knotting and symbolism pertaining to the wheel of the year, elements and seasons. Each time you look at the plaque, you will find something new. A brief description of each representation of the plaque can be found below. The plaque comes with hooks on the back of each arm of the cross so you can display it appropriately for the season. The back of the plaque is lined with soft felt to protect the plaque as well as the wall you hang it on from scratches. This could also be used as an altar tile of you so wished it, being that it is representative of all the elements. The plaque is made and molded from high quality resin with a stone color and finish. See also: Elemental Celtic Seasons Plaque Stone Finish

Size: 11.5 inches
Weight: 2.1 lbs.
Finish: Wood Colored Resin
Felt Back w/Hooks.

These descriptions below explain what the plaque means to us. The beauty of Paganism and the art shown on this plaque allows you to come up with your own interpretation as to what the plaque means or stands for, and this is what makes it so magical. 

Spring Section: Element of air/wisdom & knowledge. On the Spring section of the elemental/seasonal plaque, you will see the representation of a young buck, representative of fertility and new growth. Beneath the buck you will see an all seeing eye (in the motion of opening, to reference the waking up from the harshness of winter). The eye is representative of the eye of the divine and mother Earth slowly waking up after her slumber during the winter. Animals wakeup from hibernation as well. Rosebuds, ferns and flowers adorn the Celtic knotting as representative of the new beginning of the year and the season. The snow has melted and our mother is fair and new. The tree tied to this season in the middle is is showing spring, as new leaves appear. 

Symbol Between Spring & Summer: Between Spring and Summer you will see what is representative of a crane, amongst a Celtic knot. The crane shows a mix between the elements of the seasons and the seasons themselves. A mix of Air and Fire for summer. The crane has a remarkable position in Celtic lore. The crane is believed to be the messenger of the gods and to have a high degree of wisdom. The crane represents higher states of consciousness. In addition, both the male and female crane incubate their eggs and protect their young. For this reason, they are also symbolic of parenthood (which is perfectly suited to represent spring and summer.

Summer SectionElement of Fire/South/desire and will: On the Summer section you will see that the buck is starting to mature and grow further. His horns are larger and has gained a few points on them. The Divine eye beneath the buck is fully open, in representation of the Earth growing back as well as being representative of sunlight and the days growing longer. The Tree in the middle square above is starting to bear fruit. Flowers are showing in full bloom and abundant. This is representative of the planting season and preparing to start to harvest. The Earth is abundant and growth and prosperity take place.

Symbol Between Summer & Fall: Between Summer and Fall you will see the representation of a Dragon, amongst a Celtic Knot. The dragon breaths fire (representative of summer & the element of fire). The season of Fall is represented by water (which is next on the plaque), which is the opposing element to the dragon. His flames cannot bare the water, which is a form of duality being represented here. The Yin and Yang. The water extinguishes the flame of the dragon as does the coming fall rids the leaves of trees and prepares to extinguish the visuals of life for the coming winter. The dragon stands for power and power is associated with Fire which is the element of summer.

Fall SectionElement of Water/West/emotions & healing: Within the fall section of the plaque the buck is fully grown. This represents the final harvests. The bounty has come from the work of the year. What is left of the crops is taken and preparation is made for the coming frigid winter. Beneath the buck are oak leaves and acorns which are between sheaths of wheat, symbols of Fall/Autumn. The eye of the divine is closing, representative of the darkness about to come. Animals will soon start to hibernate which is also associative of the eye starting to close. The tree in the center square represents final harvests, as it is has lost it's leaves and bares less fruit.

Symbol Between Fall & Winter: Between Fall and Winter you will see a serpent. The serpent represents a mix of powers. In traditional witchcraft it is the serpentine flow of energy that witches draw power from. The serpent is part of an intricate Celtic knot as well, representing infinite life, energy and existence. The serpent is associated with the element of Earth but can also be associated with the element of water (as to why this is between Fall-Water and Winter-Earth. The serpent also represents transformation, as it sheds its skin it changes. 

Winter Section: Element of Earth/North/Stability & Order: On the winter section of the elemental cross you will see at the base the divine eye is closed again. It is closed as this is the season of rest. The days are shorter and the darkness of night is longer. Adorned on this arm of the cross is intricately detailed holly plants with Celtic knotting amongst them. Holly is representative of Yule and the Winter Solstice. You will also see atop the holly, a fully matured buck, that looks elder and has come full circle within it's life. The buck's antler tines have multiplied. The buck is the dualistic aspect of the God. The Eye is the aspect of the Goddess. The tree in the middle square has lost all of its leaves as representative of winter.

Symbol Between Winter and Spring: Between Winter and Spring you will see a Phoenix. The phoenix represents the circle of life. After living for centuries the Phoenix will burn itself and rise from its ashes reborn from its self. This make perfect connection being between Winter and Spring. The time between Winter and Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. The living died in the Winter and will come back in the Spring. The phoenix also has what could be water or snow behind it, representing both seasons.  

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