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Old World Ways-By Grey Bear

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Wiccan Supplies Wiccan AthamesOld World Ways By Grey Bear~ Grey Bear & his family have been a close friend to the Eclectic Artisans Family now for quite a while. Known for his exquisitely beautiful creations such as jewelry, wands, ritual tools & spell supplies. What he is known for the most is his exceptional skill with being able to work so well with metal & create masterfully crafted Athames! With a completely unique collection of products, ranging in all types of designs and products, you will be sure to find that one special item your heart desires! Be sure to check out his collection of products, and see what makes him stand out. His collection of products, simply titled "Old World Ways", is homage to the technique, skill and craft that is utilized to create these items. All items are made with the utmost purest intentions and for magickal purposes.

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