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Spirit Life - Extra Large Ritual Athame - 15.50 inches


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The "Spirit Life" hand forged ritual athame by Grey Bear. Compared to some of his other pieces, this particular athame is larger in total size, and would make a fantastic athame for the use of a coven or a magickal practitioner that prefers a slightly larger ritual tool.

The handle was created from Gabon Ebony Wood. It's rich dark color makes for the perfect athame handle, especially for specific traditions where a black handled athame is to be used. Gabon Ebony comes from Africa and is said to correspond to all elements as well as both genders (masculine and feminine). Ebony has long been considered a magickal wood. It is said to have the power to change and balance energy at the same time remaining a protective wood. The power of Ebony is non discriminating and is useful for any magickal operations.

The hand forged 10.25" blade is made from O-1 tool steel. O-1 tool steel is an oil hardening steel that has a high carbon content. Hardened to RC 58-60 on the Rockwell C scale, this athame is very strong and will hold a nice edge. Because of the high carbon content of the steel, you will want to keep the blade protected with a high quality oil, to prevent rusting. Unprotected tool steel may rust. Your athame will last a lifetime as long as you keep the blade dry and oiled. The maker of the athame, Grey Bear, recommends using a silicone gun cloth to keep your blade protected due to its ease of use.

This athame also comes with a hand sewn leather sheath. This will help keep your athame protected when not it use. The sheath is vegetable tanned. This athame was hand forged by Grey Bear in his studio in Florida.

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Total Length: 15.50 inches
Blade Size: 10.25 inches
Handle: Gabon Ebony
Blade Type: O-1 Tool Steel
Item #: 0146
All athames shown are sold as ritual tools. They are intended to be used for sacred rites and are only to be used as such. These items are not meant to cut or inflict harm or pain on anyone or anything. Any uses outside of this can result in injury. Eclectic Artisans and the maker (Grey Bear) cannot be held liable for the misuse of any of these items. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Signature required by an adult upon receiving the order when delivered. if you are not home to sign for the package, a notice will be left for you and you can rearrange delivery or pick up at your local post office.
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