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Offering bowls and offering plates for your altar, rituals and spells.

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A divine selection of beautifully crafted offering bowls and plates. From handmade offering bowls, to delicately crafted stone bowls, Eclectic Artisans takes pride in offering a large selection of offering bowls, ritual bowls and charging plates. We look for aesthetically pleasing and unique magical designs when looking for items to add within our online pagan shop. Offering bowls have been used for centuries for spiritual and religious purposes. In modern Paganism, an offering bowl may be used upon ones altar or during ritual to store offerings for the divine. Another way offering bowls are used is to "charge" an item or magical component. Some may use their offering bowls as exactly that (an offering to the divine) as a symbolic token of appreciation. Some may use their bowls to hold water for cleansing, some may use their bowls to hold "cakes" for cakes and ale after a ritual. Regardless of your intent, our offering bowls will add a magical touch to any home, altar or sacred space.

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