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Moon Goddess Offering Bowl Statue


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Our new Offering Bowl Goddess has everything you could want as a magical component for your altar; a crescent shaped offering bowl with Celtic styled knot-work, the moon cycle upon her hands, grain and celtic knotwork and is shaped with a lovely, curvy goddess figure. Use the offering bowl as a place to charge stones, herbs, coins, sand and more! One customer used the bowl to fill it with white sand and made a litle "zen" garden out of the bowl and adorned the "garden" with small quartz crystals.

The back side of this goddess offering bowl contains beautiful spirals, moons, stars, and grain. She can be displayed with bowl to the front or behind her.

Measuring in at 6.25" tall and 5.25" wide (at it's widest point). This is a resin statue, coming in a white antique stone color finish.

Also available in all Black. 

(Lavender shown in the picture is for display purposes only and does not come with the statue).

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