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Handmade Book of Shadows & Tomes
I make Hand made leather bound custom Grimoires, the parchment pages are hand stitched with care. My tomes are made with the old ways in mind. I make Hand stitched leather bound blank Grimoires at an affordable price. I make all sorts of books, all of which are fully customizable. You can choose everything from the symbol on the front cover, the type of leather, how many pages, locks or no locks, interior cover design and so on. All pages are hand stitched, never cheap codex binding. I use 24lb parchment paper and the Grimoires come with the option of dual locks with skeleton key padlocks. The hardware on the books is beautiful, yet never overwhelming. A beautiful large 500 page Leather bound Grimoire with an old feel to it for under 300 dollars is rare to find. If you have a custom design you would like, please feel free to contact us. 

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