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Lord of the Dance Pagan Plaque - Wood Finish


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The Lord of the Dance Pagan Plaque is a beautiful Earthy representation of the masculine divine. The image on this plaque depicts the Horned God leading a traditional Spiral Dance. This joyous dance usually starts as a circle with people holding hands, spirals into the center looking almost like a labyrinth, then back out again to form a circle once more. It represents the never ending cycle of life and the many ways we interrelate as a community. This dance is likely a May Day celebration welcoming fertility and abundance to ensure a generous harvest. Bring a little magick into any room by hanging this in your home or sacred space. Made from cold cast resin with a wooden finish.
See matching Goddess Plaque.

Color: Wood Finish
Size: 8.0"h x 3.0"w x 1/2"d
Hook included on back. Back side is lined in felt.

This item also comes in a stone finish too.
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