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This is the section of our site that you will find ALL of our handmade and hand crafted products created by local artists and artisans. Our Artists are focused on appealing to the "New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, and Magical Practitioner" clientele. Each piece is beautifully & delicately hand crafted and specially selected for our customers to purchase and enjoy. You will find these products sprinkled throughout the site and blended into the appropriate categories, so we decided to make a place for you to be able to find ALL of our handcrafted items in one easy to find spot! Visit our "About Us" section to learn a little more about each artist and what they do to create their piece. It's nice to learn how much love and energy goes into making these high quality one of a kind items! You will come to see, that Eclectic Artisan's goal is to find people/artists that create handcrafted products that appeal to our specific customer base. What is wonderful about us, is we offer the ability for our customers to become a vendor with us too. You don't have to be a specially trained artists to share your beautiful handmade items...and now there is a place for you to find where the metaphysical community can come together and buy and sell handmade new age products!  See our "Vend With Us" section for info. Greetings and Welcome! Take your time, look around, and ENJOY!

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