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Handmade Athames Hand Crafted AthamesHandmade, hand crafted Athames, perfect for your all of your ritual needs. Created for any magickal practitioner, these special athames are not run of the mill by any means. Each is hand forged with care, and are made of the highest quality materials. Weather it be crafted of O-1 high carbon steel, or delicate and exuberant copper, these ritual daggers are magically crafted and made to last! Each handmade athame comes with a hand sewn and hand dyed sheath, to keep your ritual tool safe and secure. Also perfect as a showpiece on your altar or sacred space. The bond you will create with your athame is an important one, and we have some great options to bond with! Hand forged with the utmost respect and intent for magickal and ritual use. 

All items sold are sold as ritual tools. They are intended as items used for sacred rites and are to be used as such. Any uses outside of this can result in injury. Eclectic Artisans cannot be held liable for the misuse of any of these items. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Not eligible for purchase in Massachusetts.

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