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Hand Crafted Pagan & Wiccan Statuary. Made Of Solid Bronze and of heirloom quality, each piece within this collection is Exclusive to Eclectic Artisans. Handmade by Pagan Artisan Chris Orapello, each deity statuary is hand poured and molded based on his own design. Starting as a picture in his mind, Chris has turned these exclusive solid bronze statuary into a must have for customers visiting Eclectic Artisans. They are extremely popular, as they are hard to keep in stock. Beautify your altar or sacred space with the duality and beauty of each piece. The Goddess, with the traditional stance, stands holding her arms up high. The God, a representation of Cernunnos, is depicted as the well known tarot image of the "hanged man." Makes a fantastic hand fasting gift as well as a gift for ones magical journey.

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