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Shakti Jewelry Elemental JewelryExpress your Spirit with a sparkling Shakti Art Pendant by Cristina McAllister. "Shakti" is a Sanskrit word that describes the sacred creative energy of the Universe in feminine form. Shakti represents the balance of the dynamic forces that form our reality. She embodies creativity, bliss, freedom and the manifestation of conscious awareness. Each Shakti design embodies a distinctive energy and intention. Which one resonates most deeply with your creative spirit?

My art pendants feature unique artwork that is not only beautiful, but meaningful. Each pendant comes with an art description that explains the symbolism and mystical associations within the design. They are distinctive adornments, as well as a way to express your spirit and connect to the divine. My current line of Shakti Art Pendants features Earth, Fire, Water and Air Elemental Spirits, and 2 designs that express the interconnectedness and sacredness of all life.

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