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Vintage Agate & Green Garnet Necklace


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This vintage agate bead has been with me for a long time. Having taken up residence in one of my bead boxes; I couldn't decide if I wanted to let it go because I loved it so much. As I worked on this piece it became obvious to me that this was going to be it's home...it just worked. The warm colors of the Agate and Garnet compliment each other so nicely and I see in them the beautiful colors of sky and earth.

The copper frame is approximately 2.75 inches wide and approximately 2.5 inches from the bottom loop of the frame to the bottom of the longest center bead. It's a significant piece, but not overpowering at all. The stone has some minor flaws, as you would expect with a vintage stone, and one chip on the edge that is hidden by the silver bead cap. The handmade 20g infinity link chain is one of my favorites. One end of the chain holds a darling hand hammered copper clasp and the other holds a drop with silver beads and complimenting agate bead. Maximum wearable length of this piece is 21 inches and anywhere up to choker length as well. All components with the exception of the stones/beads have been hand wrapped and hand forged by yours truly.

Agate focal bd...17mm x 13mm
Agate, sm...12mm x 10mm
Green garnet...15mm x 9mm

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