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Within this collection, you will find two different varieties of jewelry, Nature's Power gemstone necklaces AND gemstone necklaces in general. The Nature's Power Gemstone Collection consists of tiny crystals or semi-precious stones in glass vial (approx. 1") with a natural oil added to magnify the beauty of the stones.  Each pendant has it's own individual healing properties and comes with an information story card and a long black cord, ready to wear upon arrival. You truly can feel the power of these beautiful pendants! As we all know, different gemstones have different healing properties as well as magical, metaphysical and scientific properties as well. Working in unison with these energies, the makers of the stone necklaces found here all have different purposes in general, but each purpose is separate from one another. These beautifully crafted necklaces make great gifts for yourself, or someone that may need that little boost of metaphysical energy. 

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