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Gaia's Gate Creations of Starr Price

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Gaia's Gate Creations of Starr priceHere are Gaia's Gate Creations of Starr Price, you will find a unique selection of hand blended aromatherapy, essential oils, soap and perfumes, hand blended bath and body products, incense, spirit boards, altars, handmade jewelry and more. There is truly something for everyone. I've been handcrafting items for many years and I have a loyal following. I believe that the love, creativity and energy that goes into the creation process become a part of the objects I create. 
I have been creating mystical arts and crafts for many years, I've been a vocal public figure in the spiritual and metaphysical community for nearing 20 years. I'm also the owner of PaganSpace.net and the owner of a brick and mortar shop located in Hendersonville, NC - Gaia's Gate.

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