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Blessed Be Plaque - Stone Finish


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Our Blessed Be plaques are the perfect magical way to welcome friends, family and fellow cunning folk to your home. The term blessed be has long been a common saying amongst Pagans and Wiccans as well as those who partake in the craft. Notice the hidden imagery within the plaque's knot work border. Can you find the two stags, the chalice, the pentagrams and the moon phases? All of which are representations of the elements as well as divinity and duality. This sacred imagery reminds us of our own personal path as well as the symbolic connections that represent each image within. Make this plaque your own by imbuing it with your own personal magick, for each time you glance upon it, you are reminded of the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and those blessings still to come. Hang upon a wall or place upon your altar, or even use on a stand. Made of cold cast resin with stone finish. Blessed Be )O(.

Width: 8.0 inches
Height: 5 7/8 inch
Thickness: 5/8 inch
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