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- Beautiful Handmade & Unique Wands -

Each of these wands are handcrafted and the crystals are carefully chosen to fit the wand perfectly. Each wand has a deliberate color, marking(s) or gemstone(s) to fit the wand perfectly. Some have wood burning on them, while others have a natural stain that I accent with a handwrap. Each wand is made carefully, and then cleansed in the sunlight the day I sell them so they are clean and ready for your energy to connect to the wand. I also take general orders, and am currently practicing carving runes into the wood as well. No two wands will ever be the same, much like how two people are not alike. Each wand comes with a typed description, and note of authenticity. Each signed by the sole wand creator, myself. I can personally promise that each wand will be shipped with care and love.

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