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Charged Amulet Pillar Candles

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Amulet Spell Candles
Our selection of charged amulet pillar spell candles are handmade with high quality essential oils and all natural components, in order to create a perfect spell candle. With multiple intentions provided, each spell candle in this collection comes with a matching enchanted amulet to coinside with your candle magick. Use your amulet to help keep in mind and manifest what it is you are desiring, and use the candle to actually conduct your magical workings. Together, with the amulet and the candle, you are able to bring your candle magick to different levels. You can keep your amulet on your altar or sacred space, hang it in your car, keep on your person or even wear it. Magical pillars are perfect for your altar or sacred space and are quite popular amongst magical practitioners.

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