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Chalice Well Chalice


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A divine Chalice Well Chalice! Our 12 oz. Our food grade stainless steel chalice features the printed image of a Chalice Well. The chalice's stem has a molded sculptured design which adds a splash of elegance to the cups overall appeal. This chalice will add a touch of old world charm to any table or altar. The Chalice Well symbol represents the overlapping of the inner and outer worlds and is represented by the well cover, designed by a church architect and archaeologist Frederick Bligh Bond and presented the well cover as a gift after the Great War in 1919. The two interlocking circles constitute the symbol known as the Vesica Piscis. The Chalice well has been flowing constantly for over 2,000 years, and has never "failed" even in drought. The deep symbolism represents both male and female divinity, life, rebirth, emotion, and water elemental correspondences. The Chalice Well is in Glastonbury England, and is a revered sacred space that many pagans will take pilgrimages to. Bring the Magick of the Chalice Well into your home, with this beautiful representation on the chalice.

7" tall x 4" wide
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