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Initiation At Beltane by Tamarin Laurel (SIGNED COPY)


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Initiation at Beltane weaves a story of modern magical training with strands of ancient wisdom from Faerie tradition, Celtic Shamanism, Witchcraft, and Arthurian legend. A work of visionary fiction, it blends a magical fantasy narrative with actual practical instruction in the magical arts. This novel can also be used as a workbook for both beginners and advanced practitioners of magic. An index of techniques described in the narrative gives readers a basis for further development in solitary or group spiritual practice. The first book in a series (perfect for graduates of Hogwart's interested in developing their own magical skills), this is a journey of self-discovery that invites the reader to join in and learn from the hero`s experience. This is a collector's edition, signed copy of the 469 page paperback novel.

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