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Valkyrie Statue


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Legendary figures of Norse legend, the Valkyrie were the maidens of Valhalla, the legendary hall of Odin. Led by Freyja, they were said to descend to the fields of battle, choosing half of those who had fallen and bringing them to Valhalla where they would become Einherjar; immortal warriors, who would fight all day in preparation for the great battles within the events of Ragnorok. There, too, did the Valkyrie serve the Einherjar when they were at rest, bringing them horns of mead and serving them at their tables of feast. Here one such Valkyrie is portrayed as a lone, womanly figure, garbed in pieces of the armor of a warrior. With a head band decorated with the feathers of a swan - an animal associated with the Valkyrie at times - upon her brow and a sword belted to her hip, it is not difficult to picture her choosing the brave fallen who would go to Odin`s hall. Sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to appear to be cast of bronze or copper, the statue measures 10 1/4" tall.

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