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Portraying Loki the Trickster, this statue is a marvelous representation of the Norse god of chaos, mayhem, and discord. Standing tall in armor, with his braided beard running down his chest, Loki is presented as a menacing figure with a fierce scowl as he opens his cloak to reveal the presence of Fenrir and Jormungandr, two of the legendary monsters of Norse mythology to which he is father. No detail is spared by the sculptor, from the scales of Jormungandr`s underside to the crow`s feet at the corner of Loki`s eyes, creating a general impression of malice as the statue of Loki unleashes chaos and discord into the world. In Norse mythology, though Loki was known to assist the gods on occasion, he was also known for causing much of the strife in the world, and as a shape shifter, he would often turn to trickery and deceit to achieve his own ends. It is said that Loki incurred the Gods` wrath as he caused the death of Baldr, and was punished cruelly by being bound by the gods with the entrails of one of his own sons. There he is held unable to escape the dripping poison of a serpent, accept for the aid of his wife Sigyn, who collects the poison in a bowl to spare him. When she must empty this vessel, it is said the writhing torment the venom causes Loki causes the very world to shake, and this is the cause of earthquakes. Standing 11 3/4" tall, the Loki statue has been wonderfully sculpted of cold cast resin, and hand painted so as to present Loki`s figure as though it had been cast of bronze or copper.

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