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Charging Thor Statue


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Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is vividly portrayed in this cold cast resin statue. Richly detailed, this statue portrays the ferocious warrior god in battle, girded with scaled armor and the legendary bracers and belt that allowed him to lift his massive, and equally famous, war hammer Mjolnir in his battles against the giants. With a horned helm shadowing a face twisted in the rage of the fight, and his braided beard flowing backwards with the speed of his charge, no detail is missed in portraying the fearsome nature of the heroic deity. Thor is a popular god, spoken of within the sagas in his epic struggles against the giants, the colossal world serpent, and other creatures of myth and legend. It is said that in this strife, if he threw his hammer it would return to his hand when called upon, and that it was he who governed lightning, winds, and storms. He was even sacrificed to in order to help stave off plague and famine. Measuring 9" tall and 10" long, the Thor statue is beautifully sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to appear to have been cast of bronze, or copper.

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