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Celtic JewelryA magical selection of Celtic Styled Necklaces, consisting of both modern & ancient Celtic Pagan symbols, talismans and knots. The Ancient Celts are known for their harmonious & intricate artwork, symbolism and talismans, and many are still cherished and held to high regard by pagans & magical practitioners today. Most known for their "infinite" styled jewelry and knots, with different meanings and purposes behind each different type, there tends to be a feeling of movement within each piece. From the traditional "Claddagh", to the adored "Triquetra" or the more shamanic "Cernunnos", the Celts shared a deep meaning of eternity within each traditionally styled Celtic symbol. Many people give Celtic "knots" as signs of love, peace, friendship and eternity. With Celtic Paganism rising in popularity, Eclectic Artisans is always adding new selections of Celtic styled necklaces, charms and pendants, and pentacles.

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