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Beautiful Celtic God & Goddess Statues/Deity Statues, for your altar or sacred space. For thousands of years, the Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons of belief have been worshiped and idolized for many different purposes. A prominent and popular pantheon and tradition that many neopagan & magical practitioners follow today is the Celtic tradition. Along with the Celtic tradition, there are commonly known Celtic Gods & Goddesses in which people have reverence for and serve. Gods like Cernunnos (the horned god) & Ankou (the god of death) and Goddesses like Brigid (The Mother Goddess) & Ceridwen (The Goddess of Rebirth & Transformation) are commonly cherished Celtic neopagan deity. In the effort to appeal to all pantheons and beliefs, Eclectic Artisans searches high and low for the most unique and highest quality deity statuary available today. Here within this section, you will find a fantastic array of beautifully crafted Celtic deity statuary, that is sure to enhance and help aid in your magical practices.

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