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Earth Goddess Candle Holder Statuary


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Our Earth Goddess statuary is not only beautifully detailed but doubles as a tea light candle holder! The front of the earth goddess statuary depicts an "earthy" nature scene with grass as her base, leaves all around, dragonflies, flowers and a crescent moon over heart. There is even a tiny squirrel by the bottom of the statue as well. Her back side has similar imagery also. The nurturing earth goddess represents Mother Nature that cares and feeds all of its inhabitants. This statuary will hold 1 tea light at a time and there is a small metal shell within the holder its self to keep the wax from getting on the statue. This statuary will fit wonderfully on any altar or sacred space, and will work well as a deity candle when you are casting circle and evoking the divine. Comes with 1 tea light candle.

Size: 7.5" x 2"
Weight: 11oz.
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