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Ritual Soaps By Elizabeth I'm a busy mother, wife, worker, and devoted pagan. I know how hard it is to find time for yourself, let alone finding time for ritual. Time restraints and limited alone time is what lead me to create my line of one time use ritual soaps. Each soap is handmade, scented, and blessed by myself. Each soap was created to be used in many ways. They can either be used to enhance a ritual during the cleansing process or a ritual unto themselves. A Ritual Bath is an important part of the cleansing process in which magickal practitioners prepare for "main ritual", meditation, spell work or any other spiritual or magickal activity. •Try carving words of intent into your soap prior to use. •You could also charge your soap prior to using it. •Combine this soap with your other ritual routines.

All of the 4 elements are being represented when used:
water from the shower/bath, earth from the earth derived ingredients in the soap, fire from the melting process, and air from the  drying & cooling process. Each bar is designed to be used once so there is no waste. These soaps are a wonderful way of incorporating a little more magick to your ritual bath or a great way to incorporate a little ritual each time you shower or bathe to cleanse yourself & your aura of any astral buildup.




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