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Spirit & Dream Animals by Richard Webster


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From the cheerful bluebird to the courageous tiger, the animals in our dreams often have specific messages that can guide us on our life paths. Once you know your totem animal, you can call upon it for healing, protection, strength, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. In Spirit and Dream Animals bestselling author Richard Webster will teach you simple and fun techniques to identify and connect with your spirit animal. Within you will learn about: Lucid Dreaming Astrology Numerology Pendulum Divination Meditation Dancing You`ll also learn about animal symbolism in various cultures, the shamanic tradition, and how to recall your dreams more easily and vividly. This handy book also features an alphabetical dream-animal dictionary. With it, you can quickly look up the symbolic meanings of more than 150 creatures - including pets and domestic, wild, and legendary animals. This is a 249 page softcover book.

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