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Cunningham`s Book of Shadows (hc) by Scott Cunningham


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From moon cake recipes to blessing prayers to spells for tapping the power of stars, this Book of Shadows contains the spells , rituals, invocations, and magical correspondences used by Scott Cunningham in the early 1980s.Readers familiar with Scott`s work will recognize his positive and encouraging voice and practical, down-to-earth approach to living the Craft every day. Also, Cunningham`s Book of Shadows includes an introduction by Llewellyn chairman and owner Carl Weschcke, and memories of Scott from his sister, a teacher, and close friends. Find within this wonderful, 280 page hardcover book insights from Scott Cunningham`s brilliant mind, including Sabbat Lore and Rites Full Moon Rites Consecrations Prayers, Chants, and Invocations Covenings Handfastings Weather Divination Magical Lore Incense and Oils Herbal Grimoire Wine and cake recipes Elemental, Planetary and Color Correspondences The Four Basic Forms of Magic Divination, Handwritten Signs and Symbols Spells and Rituals Rune Magic Places of Magic

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