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Bewitchin Stitchin Handmade Tarot BagsWelcome to BeWitchin Stitchin, a shop that specializes in hand sewn & handmade tarot bags & Pagan/Wiccan themed products. I love to take worn out, used cloth items and turn them into beautiful useful items. All of my items are handmade by me. I also design my own patterns and most of my embroidery designs. I take special pride in creating these items for you! I start out with scraps/plain fabrics and materials. I love to recycle old clothes, sheets, curtains and just about any cloth items. I embroider the designs with a home use embroidery machine but some embroidery is also done by hand. After I finish the embroidery, I intricately sew each item by hand as well as machine too. Each item includes a printed tag with my full contact information as well as a description of all materials used and cleaning care instructions. I started out making purses, drawstring bags, wand bags, crystal pillows and quilts for wall and personal use. I have several other items I do make to match some of these items such as wallets, key chains as well as cell phone and iPod cases. I also have many seasonal and special holiday/sabbat, ritual and spell cloth personalized items as well. Most people tell me that they have never seen these particular pagan items for sale on-line or in local stores. Each item that I create is crafted with the highest of quality, and are made for longevity. I double and triple stitch all pressure points so these items can be washed, dried and will last you a very long time!

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